Culture And Music : The Influence Of Music And Culture

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Music has the power to change the acceptance of one to change the personality. Many people are affected and changed by music because they want to express themselves as part of a culture and through fashion choices they are able to create an individual personality which is unique and is enough to define the expression of an individual. fashion and the music has been associated with the people and help them to connect their styles, personality and points of view to become different from others and making a statement with clothes can also prove to be alienating. Everyone is different, but that's how we get by - stereotyping other people, And the choices of fashion which has the influence of music is based on the results that suggest that the types of genres we like directly correlate with how we define ourselves.

4. Music and consumer What people listen to is more important for their sense of themselves than what they watch or read’. Music may express differentiation and ‘function as a ‘‘badge’’ which conveys information about the person who expresses a particular preference and consumers may hold normative expectations concerning characteristics of people who like different musical genres. Choice of music may become an extension of an individual’s identity. Consequently, identity may be regarded as a project that has to be worked on and carefully managed since consumers are continuously in the process of ‘actively constructing, maintaining and communicating their
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