Culture And My Past Of The United States

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ty. I will admit that being in college has opened my eyes a whole lot more in regards to my culture and my past. Before, I would never even ponder over how me speaking Spanish or my mom coming to the United States already pregnant with me from Mexico would affect anyone, and I certainly never questioned that there were stereotypes for me, a female, Mexican-American teenager in high school. Now that I am older I look at how sickening the things that people do are and how unaccepting people can be. I know there are people out there in this country that are genuinely bothered by the fact that I speak Spanish with my family in public, that I am a female, and above all that I come from two immigrant parents who have done nothing, but work their…show more content…
As far as grandparents go, I have met my paternal grandparents and my father’s maternal grandmother. I do not know much about my paternal grandparents’ life, but I am sure my grandpa worked on a farm, and my grandma was a stay at home mom with their nine kids. I got to meet my great grandmother on her deathbed and was lucky enough to grow up around my grandfather, before he died when I was in middle school. They would visit us in the US when they could, and when my brother and I had breaks, my mom would fly us down to Mexico and we would see them there too along with my mom’s family. From my mom’s side, I have met her birth mother, Consuelo, her great aunt’s son, Rodolfo, and his children, my Abuelita Leti and my Abuelito Raul. Consuelo left my mom as a child with my Abuelita Leti and came to the US and made another family here. She left my mom with her first cousin’s daughter, my Abuelita Leti. My Abuelita Leti and my Abuelito Raul are siblings, but became my mom’s godparents from baptism and raised her together, which is why I call my Abuelita Leti, who is my 2nd cousin once removed and my mom’s 2nd cousin, and consider her my actual grandmother because not only did she raise my mother, but my brother and I also grew up viewing her as my mother’s maternal figure and my Abuelito Raul as her father figure. My Abuelita Leti never married, but my Abuelito Raul did. He married Rosa, which my brother and I call abuelita too. They had two kids and raised my mom
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