Culture And Religion : What Is Religion?

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Culture and Religion
What is Culture? What is Religion? Which predates the other? Are they different from another? Is one a byproduct of another? Or are they one in the same? These fundamental questions will dictate whether people and their beliefs make up the interpretation of their environment or have definitive proof beyond that of a theory, substantiating Religion not just as a social construct of culture, but an absolute for acknowledgement and submission of an individual and more importantly a factual reality.
Religion is by far one of the most shared and appropriated ideologies spread around the world and in every developed society. Majorily in the form of a structured system of worship and prestige. While many of its practitioners and followers adhere to such principles, few actually accept the influence of the normative culture in which they assimilate, which sometimes reinforces their religious preference. Most times with minimal proof and fact to substantiate the ideologies and beliefs that are held to be the most correct and realistic. Unfortunately, there is a thing that we call science and although it is a soft science and very similar to theology and understanding of one’s environment and interpretation of reality, the substance in which it is based is tangible through data and experimentation to substantiate claims of fact more so than theory.
“Religion is a major influence in the world today. It seems that people in all cultures have a set of beliefs that go…

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