Culture And Technology : Introduction

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Culture and Technology: Introduction Human culture, technology and nature are forever changing and adjusting with each other in a vigorous trend. The changes in culture that one technology creates may then influence the development of another or different technology. “There has always been a connection between technology and culture” (Rotman). Technology has influenced human culture just as much as culture has generated progressions in technology. It is an intricate relationship that forms a symbolic circle of influence. “There is no real starting or end points within the circle – both technology and culture continue to influence each other as they develop and change over time” (Burley). In this paper I will concentrate on how technology interrelates with culture, analyzing how particular people’s relationships with their environment gave rise to particular technologies and how those technologies in turn influenced these society’s relationships with their environments. Culture and Technology: Thru time Different needs require solutions. An example can be found in Mesopotamia. About 10,000 years ago, sedentary peoples in this area started domesticating the native plants and began developing agriculture (Southwick). Agriculture as a technology developed very slowly and in the way that it did, because of the culture setting of the people who developed it. Sedentary hunter-gatherers used their intimate knowledge of the natural environment, including growing cycles and
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