Culture And The Culture Of Immigrants

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Culture/pg. 34: the language, beliefs, values, norms, behaviors, and even material objects that characterize a group and are passed from one generation to the next. In the video documentary called Wetback, the culture of immigrants was very thoroughly seen. All of them struggle to find work at their home country, and they want nothing more than to provide for themselves and their family. They manage to live off of very little, but it is not enough and is obviously not the best way to go through life. Because of this, the culture of the immigrant is created. People of all ages and each gender make the decision to migrate to other countries such as the U.S. in hopes of finding a better paying job in order to send money back to their families. This would also be known as a better life to most of them. The idea of not worrying about if they will eat tomorrow sounds heavenly to them, and if there is a chance that they may find that somewhere else, no matter how dangerous, they will take it. Their culture is based off of poverty and hopes of finding a better life for the people surrounding them. Every parent works as hard as they can for their child’s education, but sadly a lot of the people are not able to afford it. Because of these awful living conditions and non-beneficial outcomes, many people are forced to take on the tough, dangerous, and terrifying journey to another country in hopes of a better lifestyle. Unfortunately, their culture experiences terrible things, from
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