Culture As A Different Perception Of Behavior

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Culture is termed as the way of life, activities, customs, and beliefs of a group of people or society. In deeper context, Phil Smith describes it in his book ‘Cultural Theory’ in six different definitions (Smith, 2001). They are as follows:
i. Structural definitions –depicts a culture as a different perception of behavior ii. Psychological definitions- illuminates culture as playing a role in solving problems by allowing individuals to interact, learn and satisfy both material and emotional wants. iii. Historical definitions- breaks down culture as a heritage passed down to upcoming generations. iv. Normative definitions- illustrate culture in two forms. One, as a way of life that influenced behavior and action (an example being how culture is defined in tribes). Second, culture is the role of values without the mention of behavior.
v. Descriptive definitions-defines culture as a wide-ranging totality that includes two ideas of social life and behavior. vi. Genetic definitions –describes a culture in terms of how it came to be and its continued existence.
Culture covers all aspects and various levels of life without much concern in the arts (Smith, 2001). In reference to the context, Lia Lee’s family was cultural, in that they still held on to a belief that was passed on to them from previous generations.
Cultural competence
Cultural competence is the ability of an individual to work and communicate well with other people from a variety of
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