Culture As Common Practices And Knowledge

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When describing culture, I feel it is different in all places of the world, but has the same meaning. I define culture as common practices and knowledge held by a group of people in a fixed area. Most areas have their own individual culture, but they can connect to each other in some way. Learning about a different culture is something I did with my own experiences. Having done this, I see culture as civilizations having their own look on life individually.
With culture being practices and knowledge held by groups in certain areas, I have witnessed this in person. In the summer of 2015, I had the most amazing opportunity of my life so far to come my way. My youth group was going on an international mission trip, and I had the possibility to go to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Getting this news for the first time, I felt butterflies in my stomach, warmth rushing throughout my body, and the urge to jump out of my seat. You can certainly say I was excited for my new adventure to begin. This would be a completely new experience for me because I had never even been out of the United States.
To start off the trip, I had to wake before dawn, and when the stars were still twinkling in the night sky. My brother and I were the two from our family to embark on this trip and we both woke up with dark bags under our eyes, but we were ready for the long plane ride ahead of us. This being my first international trip, it was also my first plane ride. We got on the plane and I did not know that it
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