Culture Challenge For Global Companies

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Culture Challenge for Global Companies Relating to Social Media Tiffany Johnson MSM 6630 Management Information Systems for Leaders Troy University Contents Abstract 1 Introduction to Social Media 2 Social Media Hindrances and Overcoming Barriers 3 References 5 Abstract Social media has had a significant impact on society in the past few years. It provides free communication to family members, old college friends and networking opportunities. Social media is constantly improving, constantly changing, and adapting to what the consumer wants. Social is a medium that business can also tap into free advertising, brand awareness and a customer service platform. Social media plans for a company needs to have a goal that can be measured. The fast pace of change and frequent emergence of new social platforms and tactics means you need to define your priorities and stay disciplined in pursuit of those priorities (Funk, 2013). With so many possibilities, how could social media be a bad thing? It is not that social media is bad, but trying to target social media in one way would not be advantageous for a company. Social media platforms are just as unique as the users of the platform. Users pick the platform for certain reasons. Some may find pictures more appealing and chose Instagram, while others my find few words more satisfying which would lead them to joining Twitter. Facebook is the most commonly used site. All of the platforms are slowly becoming
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