Culture Change At Progressive Insurance

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Culture Change at Progressive Insurance
Do you buy your insurance at Progressive because you like Flo? She may be the current face of Progressive as a company, but a strong cultural emphasis over the past few years has produced significant results for their customers, their shareholders and their employees. Coleman (2013) discusses building a differentiated culture and a lasting organization through the six factors of vision, values, practices, people, narrative (a historical review of the culture) and places (work environment). This paper will use these six factors to review the significant growth at Progressive in overall revenue, earnings, and employee satisfaction through a gradual evolution of the Progressive corporate culture. It will discuss particularly people and customer focused changes in culture, their impacts on the workforce, and their effectiveness. It will close with a discussion of how the lessons learned could be applied at other companies that have high turnover, a poor image, and/or a culture that detracts from their competitive landscape.
Historical Culture
The Progressive culture has historically tried to emphasize the client with a “Fast, Fair, Better” mantra. A review of the change in vision shows that it has been changed significantly in the recent past from a long winded mission like statement as shown in Progressive (2016a) to a simple and clean “Become consumers’ number one choice and destination for auto and other insurance” as shown in…
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