Culture Clash Of The Boardroom

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Culture Clash in the Boardroom
In any organization and at any level, decision making is a very critical component that can either lead to growth or the collapse of any companies in the world. Decision making comes with ethical aspects where they differ from company to the other. Ethical conflicts are widespread to foreign companies and businesses operating in China and failure to identify these conflicts, represents denial or obfuscation. In most of the cases, the best approach to deal with such conflicts is trying to avoid them and in addition, setting guidelines and principles for the managers at all levels of management within an organization / company. In addition, other approaches of avoiding some of the more conflicts as that witnessed in the Liu Jienping Culture Clash in the Boardroom case study is addressing them at the time a company/business makes a decision about whether to go into China or not. Conventionally, doing this will prevent some of the ethical conflicts that could have arose if no precaution measures could have been taken initially. It is important to note that prevention is better than cure and thus dealing with unexpected events and uncertainties while making decisions or rather taking an action is very crucial and thus avoidance of such which may later result to ethical conflicts. This in addition requires thinking critically which helps one to be a step forth of such situations that may result to ethical conflicts through analyzing situations…

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