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Italian culture has a rich history that includes art, classic architecture, music, popular traditions and customs. Many people who visit Italy are somewhat surprised by the diversity of the dialects, cuisines, architecture, and craftsmanship.

My father, Giuseppe, now deceased, was born in Sannicandro, province of Bari, Italy (Region: Puglia, - southern agricultural area near the Adriatic coast). My mother is of Italian descent and both her parents were born in Italy. I have always been proud that I am the son of an Italian immigrant and feel that my Italian heritage has helped me to develop my character and my work ethic.

I was named after my grandfather, Alessandro. There is an older custom in Italy that determines how
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Dialects have remained prevalent in Italy because its mountainous terrain has helped isolate one region from another. My father spoke the standard Italian outside the home and the regional dialect at home. Unfortunately, my dialect leaves a lot to be desired, but I can certainly understand and follow a conversation well. Italians use gestures more abundantly and imaginatively than other people during conversations, especially in the south. I would often tease my father and tell him "You talk without saying a word" Americans, however are more reserved in using hand gestures.

Leisure time is very important to Italians. For recreation Italians enjoy going to the beach countryside, movies, opera, or sporting events. Soccer is by far the most popular sport and teams wear the colors of their home city's flag - a way of expressing regional loyalty.

Italians love to eat and are passionate about their food. Italian food is also popular outside of Italy. Pasta and pizza in particular, have become popular around the world. Rather than a national cuisine, Italian food is regional. People prefer to use ingredients found in their particular region, and every region has developed its own culinary specialties. While dishes may vary from region to region, and sometimes from family to family within the same region, there are many dishes that are common throughout Italy. Italians traditionally eat their main meal at midday. They

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