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“Culture Clash”

     I am a born Vietnamese, and Chinese American. For more than a decade I have made many friends coming from diverse cultures. I recall one friend back in high school that demonstrated the importance of one’s own private culture, and language. From this experience with my friend, Hong, I realized that families who had a strong cultural, and language practice at home had a very stable and functional family. Individuals who embrace their culture, and language broadly tend to pass on the wisdom of a rich culture on to the next generation. Hong’s family demonstrated how out of sync, I was with my own language and culture. My family was losing its Vietnamese roots.
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As a result the family was in a stable condition. During this time my family had problems. My brother and I would speak English 75% percent of the time, while my mother would speak both languages, my father speaking Vietnamese. At dinner we would socialize about many subjects, and our daily lives. My father would talk in Vietnamese about his work, and I would talk about my day in English. My dad was not fluent in English, so he had a difficult time interpreting, and understanding what I was saying. Points could not be proven effectively, and it made situations extremely frustrating. As a result it flared up conflicts in language interpretation. The feedback we gave to each other was disorganized, and confusing. Our family was not functioning well in terms of communication.
Every year in February my culture celebrates a New Year such as the Vietnamese New Year. The Chinese New Year, and the Vietnamese New Year are identical to each other. In the Chinese, and Vietnamese New Year relatives, friends, and families get together, and give out money. My family got used to not celebrating our cultural New Year. Every time the New Year would come around, no one would mention it. The Chinese New Year slowly became like any other day. Hong’s family would throw a huge New Year’s party. His relatives would drop by to socialize with his family in Chinese. I would see his grandmother, grandfather, parents, and other relatives give out

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