Culture Concerns And Influences On The Justice System

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Culture concerns and influences, in conjunction with mixed culture, have a great effect on the justice system we see in place today. Throughout this paper, these topics, as well as contemporary methods that are used in societies of mixed culture and their relatedness and effect on nondiscrimination policies will be analyzes and discussed. The nine principles related to Sir Robert Peel’s position on policing and the implications his theory may or may not have on organizing a police department in America in today’s day and age will also be examined. America has been deemed, and has always been, a ‘melting pot’ cultures, and with this mixing of very diverse cultures comes many different morals, ideals, and ethics. It is important to realize,…show more content…
Because it is unreasonable to think that every member of the criminal justice system was raised with exposure and understanding of all cultures, it is imperative that the officer (or any form of government) makes an effort to become culturally competent, especially in the cultures that they primarily work with. The direct effect the mixing of so many cultures has on the justice system is that it is constantly being challenged, reformed, and changed. When trying to create a black-and-white set of laws, it is nearly impossible to encompass multiple cultures, for example many European countries are doing away with capital punishment, which has been in practice for thousands of years, because of the cultural shift deeming it as cruel and unusual punishment- and while in America there are still states that utilize capital punishment, it is obviously there is a similar trend here in its decline of supporters. There are many contemporary methods used in societies of mixed cultures. There are many motions set into place to create a fair and level justice system for all of the people who may come into contact with it. On the most basic level, there is a trial given to those accused of a crime in front of a jury of their peers, with emphasis on a jury of peers. This is important because it allows the jurors to have an understanding of the
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