Culture : Culture And Identity

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When we think about culture, we think about where we come from and our families and our ancestors and so forth. So when we say what is culture, the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits. It varies from person to person. Culture can however be broken into two small parts which consist of material culture and nonmaterial culture. The non material aspect of it consists things such as attitudes, beliefs, ideas, norms, and values that influence behavior and way of communicating and material culture is basically what the word itself means items that are materialistic abided by our ancestors like paintings (art), artifacts, hand gestures and jewelry. Similarly our identity is what makes us, who we are, how we present ourselves, our social class and gives us our so called “location” in this world of social indifferences. When you merge culture and identity, it comes down to being where culture is our identity or feeling that runs through our veins where we as humans feel the social belonging or loyalty to a group and usually tends to relate to a human’s self conception and self perception. Growing up in a mixed background culture as a whole meant a lot to me. Growing up in a set of Indian family and a set of Egyptian family might to some people be a cool mix but it's much complicated as it seemed. The Indian culture was something I felt more connected to because perhaps I grew up
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