Culture Determines How People View And Interact With The World

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Culture determines how people view and interact with the world. It is what separates groups of people and in many cases gives them identity. All of recorded human history is full of the rise and fall of different cultures. Roman, Greece, Mongolian, Native American, Viking, Aztec and Mayan to name only a few. Each culture and society has its characteristics that make it distinct from the others. Although, at the same time many cultures share certain traits which highlights the interconnectedness of culture throughout out the world. Language, writing, art, religion, trade, politics, social stratification, geography, warfare, sports and philosophy are all different ways in which cultures can differentiate themselves as well as link each other…show more content…
One of the first early Mexica states linked to Teotihuacan would be the Toltec and their capitol of Tula. Tula seems to have started as a city of immigrants with people coming to it from many different places. One very notable people being the Teotihuacano after their city declined (Evans 410-411). They worshipped gods like Tlaloc, the successor of the storm god of Teotihuacan as well as Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca (Evans 411). Militarism is something that the Toltec might have picked up from the ancient civilization as well. Many Teotihuacan military style designs can be found in Tula architecture (Evans 417-418). In their society there were many highly skilled artisans (Evans 418). The land although high in altitude had the proper water sources to allow for intense irrigation and cultivation (Evans 410). The Toltec while not an expansive state can easily be linked through their religion and militarism both to Teotihuacan and later to the Aztecs. Aztec culture and society is the final step in the journey from the culture of Teotihuacan. It shares some similarities with its neighbors and predecessors, while also having its differences. It has a strong connection to Tula as the Mexica tribes stayed there for a time when Tula was at its height (Evans 429). To really understand their society though its best to begin by explaining how the Aztecs or the triple alliance as it should be called came to power. The Aztecs are described as a rags to riches
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