Culture Differences Between The United States And China

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The culture differences between the United States and China This year is my forth year that I has been studying in the United State. I’m already used to the U.S. culture and the U.S. living style. So in general, I didn’t experience any culture shock after I got here. If I had any culture shock, it’s probably three years ago. I couldn’t remember any of them. However I do have some thoughts about the differences between the U.S. and China after four years of studying in the United States. From what I have seen, “the world is becoming smaller”(Diana 2001) differences between the U.S. and China are becoming less because of the Internet. From one of my friends who is still studying in China, the environment of education didn’t change a lot from the pass four years. He is still suffering through the high school graduation test, which is the most important test for every student in China. He said to me that comparing to him I’m living in heaven and he is living in hell. The culture and value has changed a lot. For example, “fast food culture, self center, money talks, and lost of the idea of family. However the credit system, independence, and law system in China are not as perfect as the U.S.”(Jian 2006) “China are not only growing very fast in economy but also losing the culture in the same speed.”(Jiyang 2003) “As a international students, I care a lot about the difference of education system between the U.S. and China.”(culture shock) I realized that the educational ideas
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