Culture Diversity in the Profession Essay

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Culture Diversity in the Professon I have to start this paper off with a confession. I had hand surgery a couple of years ago and had to become a lefty for several months. The experiment would have been harder I know if I would have not gone through this experience. I am not a lefty but had to live as a I can use my left hand to do more than the average right handed person. I have much appreciation for left handed people. The world is set up for right handed people. If you have to put in a light bulb you have to screw the light to the right. If you have to deal with anything mechanical you usually have to turn clockwise to insert and counter clockwise remove. I am a nurse and I had to learn to grasp really small objects such as…show more content…
The hospital I work in when I first started my career was one of the largest in the state of Georgia. I learned a lot there and eventually went on to a smaller hospital in a small town. I was given the opportunity to be one of the Charge nurses on the day shift. I remember an incident when a family member of a patient complain and wanted to see the person that was in charge. I informed that I was in charge. She then asked someone has got to be over you. This was on a weekend and my manager was not there so I was the senior person in the department. She never told me her problem she just walked away in frustration. I then began to work in a military town. The culture of this area was different from the community I live in with the big hospital. Military people seem to get along better between different cultures and races because they depend on each other more. I believe when I started that job in 1999 there were probably two Registered Nurses on that entire floor. I was 3-11 and then there was another African American on the night shift. The hospital finally started getting more African American nurses. However, in this culture I was encouraged to get certain certifications and was a relief charge nurse for most of my career there. I was offered the Charge nurse’s position many times and did not take it because I had young children at the time. I still encountered some issues but because the culture was a melting pot of people from all walks of

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