Culture, Gender, Reflected Appraisal, And Social Comparison

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I am Allison Zelinskas, daughter, granddaughter, cousin, Ohioan, friend, only child, athlete and more. I am unique because there is no one else like me. All the labels above make who I am as an individual. Self-concept is “The relatively stable set of perceptions each individual hold of herself or himself” (Ronald Adler, 2015). For the purpose of this paper, I put myself into four categories, culture, gender, reflected appraisal, and social comparison. The four categories combined will give you a picture of who I am as an original. I picked these four categories because I felt I could share this information about myself. These categorizes have built my self-confidence and self-esteem. Culture is the language, values, traditions, and…show more content…
It is a blessing and a curse to have such hefty family members in my community to watch over me. It was always neat to have teachers who also taught my mom and aunts. I enjoy going to school with my five cousins, all Beavercreek Beavers. My cousins played football, basketball, baseball and Wrestling, I ran track, cross country, and am on the swimming team. My family was always there to cheer us on, we bleed orange and black. I am a member of an in group, an in group, “A group with which an individual identifies herself or himself” (Ronald Adler, 2015). According to the text, gender is “Psychological sex-type” (Ronald Adler, 2015). I associate with being a female. I consider myself to be feminine. I am one of five grandchildren, and I am the only girl. Growing up, I was the princess, my cousins called me sis, or sissy, short for sister. When my cousins would play ninja’s I would be a ninja princess. I always played what they played, but a female version. I believe women can rule the world, and in girl power. I think part of my belief that girls can do anything comes from my mom being a teacher at the one and only girl school in Dayton, Charity Early Adams Academy for Girls. I grew up in Brownies, and Girl Scouts, both organizations promote female issues. When I was younger, I also belonged also to the American Girl Doll club, where girls would meet and bring their American Girl Dolls for reading, activities, and conversations. My mom always had me in pink with

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