Culture : How Do We Define It?

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Culture, how do we define it? According to our textbook, culture is defined as “the language, values, beliefs, traditions, and customs people share and learn” (Adler, Rosenfeld, Proctor II, 2012, p. 38). Being a part of different cultures can allow you to engage with people you are similar to or set you apart from people who are different from you. As for me, I’m a part an American culture. This culture makes me who I am, allowing me to express my values of what I believe. As for co-cultures, our book expresses that the term is used “to describe the perception of membership in a group that is part of an encompassing culture” (Adler et al., 2012, p. 39). I consider myself belonging to several co-cultures; such as English, Non-Discriminatory, African American, Heterosexual, Christian, Social Networking, Dance cultures. Being a part of the American culture is the basis of my rearing. My parents were raised following American traditions and passed what they learned down to me. They taught me to follow American traditions, such as being respectful (especially to my elders), abiding by the law, the importance of time, and many other traditions. I believe that being a part of an American culture corresponds to me being a part of an English co-culture. Although there are many people in America that speak different languages, most Americans speak English. I see myself belonging to an English co-culture because that’s the only language I can truly understand and relate to;…
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