Culture Industry : The World Of Internet And Globalisation

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The world 's technology is currently improving at a very high rate, pushing media through another phase of transformation, into the world of internet and globalisation. However despite entering a new phase, the culture industry brought up by Adorno and Horkhermer still stand relevant if not intensifies. Culture industry function according to the idea of replacing use value with exchange value. It robs the freedom of creativity in production. This can clearly be seen as big corporations extend their market on a global scale. It is caused by the ever-so-convenient internet that brought connectivity to the world. This essay will discuss about the culture industry in the current mass media before touching on the socio-psychological impacts on the consumers. The culture industry demonstrates capitalism, the act of control of exchange value, where mass media production and entertainment such as films, television shows, radio and magazines are no longer genuine demands (Strinati, 1995). A conventional pattern can be seen in these productions which forms a uniform rhythm, a format to maximize viewership by satisfying the masses with identical contents (Adorno & Horkhermer, 1977). Strinati (1995) states that this industrial production also leads to the governing of the world 's top corporation over the production of mass media. This gives them the power to manipulate the trend of the market and slowly injecting a desire to seek for more. An example of the modern day desire is…
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