Culture Influences Personality Influence On Personality

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Culture influences personality greatly and places restrictions on personality. The culture a person resides in decides how an individual will behave, what beliefs they will have, and what traits are desirable. No individual wants to have undesirable traits. Individuals are expected to conform to the cultural behavioral norms and gender norms in order to avoid having undesirable traits. Since no two cultures are exactly the same an acceptable trait in one culture may not be an acceptable trait in another. For example people who live in individualist cultures value competition, personal achievement, and independence. On the other hand, people in collectivist cultures value respectfulness, social harmony, and group needs. What an individual values will influence their personality and how they view other personalities that differ from their own.

One of the key differences in Freud and Jung’s theories was how they perceived the unconscious. Freud believed sex was a primary motivator. Freud believed the unconscious was where we stored our repressed thoughts, memories, and the drives of sex and aggression. He found that the human mind was made up of the ID, the ego, and the super ego. The ID seeks to satisfy pleasure and is not bound by morality. The ego is our conscious thoughts, perceptions, and memories and helps us deal with reality. The ego helps the ID conform to the socially behavior and gender norms. Jung believed the human mind was made up of the ego, the personal…
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