Culture Is A Common Way Of Life Essay

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Abstract According to Christopher Dawson, culture is a common way of life. It is a shared set of learned beliefs, values, assumptions, attitudes and behaviours that differentiate a particular group of people from others(Wederspahn, 2009. p.19). Fundamental differences among people all stem from nationality, ethnicity and culture. Family background and individual experiences also contribute to these differences. These lead to differences in practices, beliefs and expectations from each other.
The purpose of this essay is to establish how the differences in Native Americans, Europeans and Africans leave each both prepared and unprepared for contact with each other. It will explore the challenges they face as well as the positive and negative outcomes of this contact.
Native americans Their cultures were matrilineal and their descent was from their mother’s side. A married man had responsibilities to his wife, children and his mother’s family. Affection was lavished by maternal uncles who oversaw their education. Their children were also not spanked or beaten. American Indians had division of labour between men and women. Women did everything related to the home such as erecting homes and crop farming, while men fished, hunted and went to war. Their physical appearance is different. They have coarse black hair, deep brown skin, oval eyes, strong rigid jaw and broad shoulders.
Europeans generally have a…

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