Culture Is A Way Of Life

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What is Culture? Culture is a way of life. A societal heritage that is derived from language, religion, values, personal beliefs and even music. Without it their is no telling what the structure of our social forces may hold. According to Introduction to Sociology by OpenStax College, “Almost every human behavior, from shopping to marriage to expressions of feelings, is learned” (pg. 52). For example if a child is taught to show love, kindness, and compassion through the upbringing of his family, then he will most likely grow up sharing these same values. Behavior based on learned customs helps shape us as humans into the people we are today. In similar fashion, these same values hold true for the people of the Namibia Culture located in South Africa. Their heritage is a true testament of how adaptation plays a key role in survival. One could imagine how difficult it must have been to endure the unbearable conditions of the Kalahari desert but the Namibia tribes did. For instance, in the Around The Globe video, it stated that the Ju’hoansi tribe conquered this practice through knowledge. A vital element in which the tribes embraced understanding on how to hunt for food, what sources to captivate water, and how to estimate the exactness of how long ago the animals were around. This not only showed that the Namibia Culture were great adapters to their environment but it also show’s how they exemplify leadership by staying strong through every hardship. No matter if they
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