Culture Is Everywhere These Days, Whether You Go To The

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Culture is everywhere these days, whether you go to the grocery store, school, work or even church. It is virtually unavoidable in today’s society to progress through your day without having some sort of interaction with another culture. However, many people would hesitate to say that they are well educated in terms of understanding the depths of other cultures, and if someone says they are…well, are they really? I had the opportunity to participate in two cross cultural events that, not only opened my eyes, but opened my heart to how spoiled I really am. I have blessed to be born as a white, middle-class American. I grew up with a mountain of toys and a loving family, a split-by-divorce family, but a loving one no less. I was taught to…show more content…
Tears of joys filled each of the ladies eyes as the shared how welcoming and overjoyed the children were to have visitors. With their arrival they were greeted by a mass of children, age preschool to 8th grade, boys and girls, but all with heads shaved to reduce the spread of head lice. According to Janese, January was a key time to visit as the children receive de-worming for ring worm twice per year due to poor hygiene, and the children would have recently been de-wormed. The children stared at Tammi, Janese and Laurie and were scared of them at first because they were white. Janese noted that the younger children liked to touch their skin and hair because it was so different. Janese and Tammi are both teachers by profession, so they took great interest in learning how different the educational system is. Both Tammi and Janese noticed immediately that the children attended school because they wanted to, not because they were expected to. In Africa, an education is extremely valuable and important because it is virtually the only way out of poverty. The children were taught and expected to speak English on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. On Mondays and Fridays the children could speak their native language, Swahili. The younger children, preschool age, were divided into groups A, B, and C and taught traditional level material. Grades 1st through 8th were taught traditional level

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