Culture Is The Big Things And The Little Things

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Meaning of Culture
Culture means the big things and the little things. Culture to me is the big, little, and everything in between. For a while I wasn’t sure what culture was. When I found out I realized I needed to find out what it meant to me. What I decided was this, Culture is family, traditions, and values. Culture is what I want to carry down to my children and the way I live my life. It is what I grew up with and around and how I will understand the choices of my life later on. Culture is so important. It is something I never realized was so essential in my life and once I saw it I never want to forget it and how it works into making me the person I am and will forever be.
Culture has made a big difference in my life even when I didn’t realize it was culture that was affecting me. I see now that a perceived culture made me build a wall, around people and around certain places. I was put in a role that I didn’t know and didn’t understand, I was not able to choose my surroundings and when I was able to what I had grown up with was what I adapted into my life without my acknowledgement. I see now that experiences of my past do not rest in my future if I change them.
Culture as I see now has always been a part of my life and now that I am aware of it a certain memory stands out. Our family tradition, our culture, is that when family needs us we are there. No matter the circumstance or family feud we stand by one another because we are all each other really has. To this…
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