Culture Is The Collection Of All Human Intellectual Achievements

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For anyone to have a complete understanding of people as a whole, people of all races, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc, there must be an understanding of what culture is. Culture, is the collection of all human intellectual achievements pertaining to their backgrounds. This gives people a better grasp on what events and beliefs have led a particular group or person to their point in existence today. Without the understanding of culture, it becomes difficult for people to understand, and accept one another. Without this understanding, conflicts may arise, and particular values and beliefs can be misunderstood. Although everyone has different beliefs, and there will always be a disagreements between beliefs, people may become more accepting in knowing where someone “comes from” and having a better understanding of what all the information about a culture is. This provides clear qualities of a person, and their thought processes in terms of values and attitudes toward specific topics of discussion (What is Organizational). Now that the idea of culture is better understood, there can be a better understanding of what organizational culture is as well. As mentioned before culture has to do with beliefs and values that have paved the path people walk upon. The same goes toward organizational culture as well. Organizational culture involves the “expectations, experiences, and values that hold it together, and is expressed…” (What is Organizational), “it” being the…
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