Culture Is The Most Natural Or Superior Way Of Understanding The World

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The American Culture is very different compared to just about anywhere on globe. It is believed that your native culture is the most natural or superior way of understanding the world. There are many things that people do that there own that they may consider as the normal as in other cultures may look down on. There will be many different ways that cultures vary across the globe. Ethnocentrism refers to the standards and customs of ones own culture. It shows how people differ from different parts of the world and how the typical American does things compared to someone across the world or simply just north of the border. For example in some places will be more blunt or more direct about something it and see it as acceptable, but in some countries or regions it might come off as rude or inconsiderate. In different cultures there are things that are more important than other cultures throughout the world and the Filipino people do things a little differently than most. In the Philippines family is the center of the social structure and that will include everyone, manners are taught very young age especially towards the elderly and high-ranking officials and they will typically use “sir” or “madam” in basic conversations. In the United States it’s a little different a young child can call a elderly man by his first name and it would not be weird or irregular. Another thing that Filipinos do differently is the concept of shame. Is it shown that Filipinos have to live up…
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