Culture Is The Second Social Construction

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Culture is the second social construction that emerged while writing section one. Culture is “a complex collection of values, beliefs, behaviours, and material objects shared by a group and passed on from one generation to the next” (Ravelli and Webber, 2013, p.119). Culture is not negative or positive views of people it is a neutral reflection of humans. No one is born with a culture because culture is learned and shaped, as people grow older. Culture develops between people by interacting and sharing ideas and experiencing situations throughout life. Culture is passed on through generations because parents share their culture with their child, which then gets passed onto their children. It is clarified and altered through generations keeping it modern to continue the transmission through generations. Lastly, culture is human because we are the only species that has cultures; we explain life through asking questions and relying on culture to help us communicate. There are two types of culture material and non-material culture. Material is the “tangible artifacts and physical objects” and non-material is “intangible and abstract components such as values and norms” (Ravelli and Webber, 2013, p.122). Material culture helps people to adapt to environments and non-material culture is what is passed on through generations. Most cultures view their culture as superior over others. When a person enjoys their culture more it is called ethnocentrism. (Ravelli and Webber, 2013, p.…
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