Culture Is The Umbrella Of Many Multifaceted Parts That Come Together Underneath It

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Culture is the umbrella of many multifaceted parts that come together underneath it. The definition of culture is noted by Inglis “culture comprises the patterns of ideas, values, and beliefs common to a particular group of people, their ‘characteristic’ ways of thinking and feeling” (5). Being a part of the minor league hockey community is everyday living; nothing out of the ordinary for the people that have been a costumed to the experience. It is full of traditions and rituals that impact everyone involved. Inglis stated “at a more concrete level, we can look at how being part of a social class, an ethnic group, a professional grouping and the other sorts of social belonging and affiliation can have ramifications for how people operate in their everyday affairs, as each of these sorts of social collectivity has identifiable cultural traits” (4). Everyday culture within the minor hockey association can be identified with traditions, rituals, and beliefs. Focusing on the differences between organized clubs, the value of coming together for meals, and understanding and acceptance of one another. With an outcome of creating knew life long relationships. The traditions and rituals start within the homes of any of the participants within the minor league hockey community. This can include individual personal preferences such as special pre-game breakfasts, taping of the hockey stick, or even a stop at Tim Horton’s before the game. Traditions and rituals are not just for the…
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