Culture Issues in Developed Countries

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Overview - As the global economy becomes more of a reality, and as various developing countries increase the amount of business they do with developed countries, many cultural issues arise. Running a business is different in different countries. Even as globalization makes us citizens of a global village, we cannot lose the perspective that there are different beliefs and normative behaviors in different cultures some acceptable in country A, but not in country B; some even expected. Often, when looking at ethical dilemmas in other countries, we must ask: "Is it moral or not, when trading in a foreign country, to participate in immoral actions to survive"? Morality is typically the standard that a group has about what is right and wrong good and evil permissible or unacceptable. As trade barriers are falling around the globe, differences in morality are gaining more interest regarding such issues as human rights, political behavior or even environmental conservation (Deming 2006). Donaldson Theory The entire purpose of doing business globally is to grow the company, find more customers in a way that it the most appropriates l for the company. It would not make sense to trade abroad if there were no advantages be that tax incentives, greater profits, less regulation, different prices for workers, etc. Companies do need to keep in mind that customs and laws are different in each different company, but remain staunch in their desire to relocate in areas where the labor is
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