Culture : Language And Language

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I. Introduction Language is the main means in which we are able to express our needs, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and desires through words, gestures, and symbols; it allows us to communicate, connect and create relationships with others. It is also a vehicle for asserting our culture. Culture is made up of the characteristics of particular groups of people and can be expressed through religion, social habits, food, arts, and language. Our cultural heritage influences all aspects of our lives and shapes how we use language to interact with and interpret the world around us. It is through this critical lens that the interdependence of culture and language becomes clear: culture is expressed through language and language is influenced by culture. Taking this knowledge into account, it is obvious that the successful learning a new language must include a growing familiarity with its culture to provide a holistic and valuable understanding. Although it is not necessary to comprehend a culture to employ the mechanics of a language and speak it, meaningful communication in the language is limited in many ways by cultural knowledge and understanding. II. What I Want to Find Out Because I strongly believe in the interdependence of culture and language, I want to explore the focus on culture in current ESL classrooms and how that impacts the success of students. I also want to investigate the correlation between cultural understanding and linguistic language acquisition. Since I
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