Culture Making : Recovering Our Creative Calling

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Critical Book Review Culture Making: Recovering our Creative Calling IVP Books, publisher of Andy Crouch’s Culture Making: Recovering our Creative Calling, calls the literature a “rallying cry for a new generation of culturally creative Christians.” Named one of the best religion books of 2008 by Publisher’s Weekly, Crouch begins his preface stating that he “wrote Culture Making on a hunch that the language of “engaging the culture,” let alone the “culture wars,” fell far short of what we were really meant to do and be as Christians in the world. I also sensed that most churches were neglecting the centrality of culture to the biblical story and the gospel itself,” (p. 5). While the book is intended for a Christian audience, Crouch…show more content…
Throughout the book, he poses thought provoking questions to challenge the perceptions of how Christians believe they are to change the world. Major Points Defining culture. One of the key points Crouch seeks to illustrate is that Christians have a warped or errant view of “culture” and the impact they should have on it. He recognizes that culture is a vague topic and begins his work by identifying what it is not. He lets the reader know that it is not just the arts, trends, demographics or “governing ideas, values and presuppositions of our society” (p. 18). To identify what culture is and why it matters, Crouch gleans from cultural critic, Ken Myers and defines culture as “what we make of the world,” (p. 23). He goes on to say, that culture is, how we make sense of the world by making something of the world. He blends meaning and making together and then says that culture is “the activity of making meaning,” (p. 24). In his assessment of culture, he addresses five key questions that he believes help in understanding how artifacts (taken from an architectural concept), fit into the broader cultural story (p. 29). The questions include: 1) what does this cultural artifact assume about the way the world is?; 2) what does this cultural artifact assume about the way the world should be?; 3) What does this cultural artifact make
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