Culture Of Security

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Create a culture of security
As digital trends continue to reshape markets and industries, business leaders should re-evaluate their organizational approach to security. Technology plays a vital role, but the importance of creating a strong security culture cannot be overlooked. Hackers are continuously seeking new ways to penetrate your defenses, which is why creating a culture of consistent awareness of threats is so critical.

Employees can’t practice good security if they aren’t educated in what best practices are, or if they aren’t informed of the latest threats and how to spot them. Teach employees about safe Internet practices and how to identify social engineering and phishing attacks. Test their security
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Make sure your policies include automated enforcements that keep network systems up to date with the latest vulnerability patching.

• Implement advanced authentication: Once a single employee account is compromised, a hacker will often use the same password to access other systems. Advanced authentication will thwart these attempts, even if the password is stolen.

• Employ encryption: Encryption protects the data on the devices themselves and during transmission, keeping outside actors from being able to copy or otherwise transfer that information. Full disk encryption is even more effective, as it encrypts the entire hard drive, protecting not just the data but the operating system and applications.

• Apply application controls: Application controls help prevent unauthorized users from executing or taking over applications on the endpoint device. They also protect the network from potential security threats from departing employees with the ability to lock them from enterprise applications.

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Manage vendor risks
Organizations are increasingly expanding their third party relationships beyond core infrastructure and application outsourcing. As vendor access to customer data increases, organizations need to apply the proper level of scrutiny to ensure sensitive data remains protected in a way that complies with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Organizations have traditionally relied exclusively on the third-party vendor to
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