Culture Of Slavery And Slavery

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Throughout the 1800 century, there has been plenty of discussion concerning slaves and their masters, slaves working on plantation fields and house slaves serving only their masters. However, there must be an inside culture within the slaves themselves. Over a 200 year period is long enough for generations of people to establish culture regardless of who is in charge of them. We can almost see a parallel way of thought when discussing slaves and slave ownership and comparing that to average citizens and the government. A slave answers to the slave owner just like citizens in a society answer to the local government. Of course the two examples are far from each other. Freedom being the key element and being treated as human should be given to all persons. However the slave and slave ownership is very offensive to most if it not all people these days. This discussion is merely based on culture. Whatever society you are in, whether you are free or controlled, a culture will be made. This is just a fact of human nature. My thesis is there has to be a type of culture in the society you belong in. How does culture enhance economics or trade? How does the surrounding culture affect your culture such as slave-to-slave owner? In the book Indians, Settlers, and Slaves in a Frontier Exchange Economy: The Lower Mississippi Valley Before 1783 by Daniel H. Usner Jr gives an example of how trade might of started in this time area. Trade can ultimately start culture. “ In
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