Culture Of Smallness By Nick Joaquin

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Joaquin took a big risk when he chose to enlighten his readers with his viewpoints regarding the reason behind the Philippines’ lack of progress as a country. Through his article, he bluntly called out how Filipinos have already succumbed themselves to “small greatness”, and made meticulous observations on the nation’s culture (which he later compared to those of foreign countries). Being a Filipino writer and historian himself, Nick Joaquin presented trivialized issues of Philippine culture and mentality. He has seen and experienced the raw fruits of the so called, “heritage of smallness” at first-hand. Through years of explicit observation of the society needed to be able to write Philippine literature and historiography, he has developed a keen eye and understanding of his kababayan’s actions, decisions, and his own history. These conclusions were drawn from their earlier ancestors way back when they neglected to conquer neighboring lands, and pursue blind ventures far from their own. Most practices and skills from the olden times have remained stagnant up to this day that they have failed to advance and concur with modernity. An example…show more content…
Despite the comprehensive take on the “culture of smallness”, Nick Joaquin circled his statements around his opinions and those of foreigners. He failed to explore on the masses’ take on the idea (much more for those in the lower class since most of our population consists of people from their status), which left them silenced, and left for judgement. Especially now that Joaquin has bombarded his article with criticisms about the culture, more readers (most likely foreigners) will not be able to understand the practices of the nation. On the other hand, his idea is mind bogging for locals, and will surely influence
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