Culture Of The Country Austria

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Throughout the world many different cultures can be found, and while some countries do have similar cultures because of location, every country can offer a unique culture to experience. The Republic of Austria is a landlocked country located in Central Europe. Austria shares its borders with eight other countries including: Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. If an individual were to either plan a trip or move to Austria he/she would first need to learn about the culture that can be found in the country. This paper will explore the culture of the country Austria including: brief history, social structures, the family and home, food and entertainment customs, and…show more content…
Symbols of wealth today may be a second home and more material possessions, whereas in earlier centuries land was a symbol of wealth.
Austria has one of the world 's most highly developed and inclusive social welfare programs, funded by direct and indirect taxes (Culture of Austria, 2015). A highly developed and inclusive social welfare program allows for there to be less negative connotations towards those who use it. Benefits include unemployment pay and disability, survivor pensions, and retirement. Health insurance is required by the state and covers 99 percent of Austrians, workers pay into these plans, but the poor and disadvantaged receive equal benefits (Austrian Customs and Traditions, 2010). Unlike the United States, parents receive many benefits, such as monthly support payments for maternity and paternity leave and child maintenance payments for children, from birth through completion of higher education.
There are both urban areas and rural areas in Austria. Most people who live in urban areas live in four- or five-story apartment buildings, high-rise buildings, or single-family homes. Many rural areas are dominated by farmhouses that have been in the family for hundreds of years. The farmhouses are often equipped with a bell tower to announce mealtimes for people who are working in the fields. Because of the Alps, Austrian farms are small and isolated, making production relatively expensive
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