Culture Of The Lincoln Electric Company

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Written Assignment Unit 3 Culture of the Lincoln Electric Company The company culture of Lincoln Electric is one of teamwork, support and innovation. After reading and reviewing the case study done on Lincoln Electric by Arthur Sharplin of McNeese State University, I have come away with a better understanding of how the company has become the role model for management world-wide. Many different programs have been incorporated into the company that insures morale and productivity levels remain high. Among these include end of year bonuses, good merit rewards, and great benefits, all of which we go into detail later on. How this culture came to be in the Lincoln Company begins with the founder’s values and principles. When James Lincoln…show more content…
If it did control our acts, the savings in cost of distribution would be tremendous. Advertising would be a contact of the expert consultant with the customer, in order to give the customer the best product available when all of the customer 's needs are considered. Competition then would be in improving the quality of products and increasing efficiency in producing and distributing them; not in deception, as is now too customary. Pricing would reflect efficiency of production; it would not be selling a dodge that the customer may well be sorry he accepted. It would be proper for all concerned and rewarding for the ability used in producing the product.” (Lincoln, 1961) It is said that early company values exert influence over future company values. This is true in the case of Lincoln electric. As stated earlier, many programs have been incorporated into the business to aid employees. The first year the advisory board was put into place, the work week went from 55 to 50 hours. In 1915, the company gave each employee a life insurance policy. In 1917, a welding school was created which still continues today. In 1918, a bonus plan was put into action on trial basis. It was removed and then reinserted later and became a strong point of Lincoln’s management system. In 1919, Lincoln created the “Employee Assocation” to provide health benefits and social activities for employees. By 1923, employees were given two weeks paid vacation
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