Culture Of The Middle East

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Introduction I explored the culture of the Middle East because I find it very interesting and different from my own. I feel as if many people hold a strong negative feeling against people from the Middle East because of terrorist attacks in the past. Middle Eastern culture is different from American culture and some people are not culturally aware so they do not understand Middle Eastern culture, therefore, people judge off of what they know. After visiting and researching the Middle East I have came to change my views as well as well I am now culturally aware of some Middle Eastern cultures and traditions. My views have grown more positively since I am more aware of what Middle Eastern culture consists of and how it is different from my own. More people need to become more cultural sensitive and aware of different cultures besides their own so they can rid ignorance of different people. I wanted to look at different parts of Middle Eastern family structure, social norms, and gender differences in marriages and in society. I wanted to look at how people outside of Middle Eastern culture view Middle Eastern Americans. I was also interested in the victimization and passiveness Middle Eastern women and the gender differences between males and females living in Middle East as well as how feminism can change political views in the Middle East. I am also interested in looking at the political views and how much of religion influences the Middle East and how it differs from…

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