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Culture Paper A definition of culture is the total of knowledge, beliefs, experiences, values, attitudes, religion, hierarchies, objects and possessions obtained by a group of people through generations. Elements of culture include language, symbols, values, norms, laws, and beliefs. Culture can also by the “totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought” (Culture, 2010, pg. 5)
Culture of Spain Spain’s culture includes the personal beliefs of religion, the practices of the society, and the attitudes of the people. The Spanish culture has made adjustments to meet the demands of the international and the way of doing business in Europe, but retains much
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Companies looking to open operations in Spain must also consider that lunch during the work day is typically two hours and the workday ends around 7:30 in the evening. The mid-day siesta is a problem and a blessing that the Spanish people are dealing with. Some outsiders may view this tradition contributing to low productivity in the mid-afternoon; many Spaniards still embrace this tradition. However, modern business influences have changed many people and this tradition by eliminating it altogether. Eating at home for "lunch" and then taking a rest for a few hours, to return to work after the heat of the day, has long been a tradition in this country. Dinner remains late in the evening, often not beginning until 10 p.m. for some. Late dinners are a product of those siestas in which an employee did not arrive home until after eight pm. Outside companies may look at this as a lack in productivity. Flexible hours are becoming more the norm as outside business influences have begun to modify the traditional workday. Spain has a strong sense of family and tradition. Outsiders rarely receive an invitation into a Spaniard’s home as an outsider, this is set aside for family and very close friends. Most entertaining takes place outside the home in restaurants. Business meetings should be held either in offices or restaurants. Outside companies need to be aware that business conduct is formal in Spain at all times.
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