Culture Project: the Case of Aalborg Industries

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1. Introduction 3 1.1. Company Profile 3 1.2. Introduction 3 1.3. Methodology 4
2. Different perspectives on culture 6 2.1. Functionalist perspective on culture 6 2.2. Constructivist perspective on culture 9 2.3. Danish versus Vietnamese way of working 10 2.4. HRM challenges explained through theory 11
3. Knowledge management, explicit and tacit knowledge 15 3.1. Knowledge management 15 3.2. Explicit and Tacit Knowledge 15 3.3. Knowledge management processes adopted by Aalborg Industries in Vietnam 16 3.4. Suggestions for improvement of the knowledge management processes 18
4. Leadership 22 4.1. Leadership theory 22 4.2. Leadeship styles 23 4.2.1. Transactional leadership style 23
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So it may control the consistency and equivalence of the particular culture, which can be monitored easily in the international business terms.
This chapter observes the methodological approach used in this project. It starts with a purpose of the research and will be followed by explanation of a methodological outline which is required to achieve the purpose of the research.
The research methodology takes its starting point in an in-depth theory study of the functionalist perspective on culture, and up-to-date literature by discussing knowledge management process adopted by the firm and related subjects. Parallel with the theory study, a longitudinal single case study of Aalborg Industries is carried out; using system approach (Arbnor & Bjerke, 1997) as the main theory bases and the case study applies an embedded approach where the Aalborg group as a whole defines the larger unit of analysis. The Vietnam subsidiary defines the main sub-unit of the analysis. The joint venture represents distinctive evolutionary perspectives on outsourcing and opposing extremes as to the degree of vertical integration from the cross cultural point of view.
Research Approach
Based on the information available and the purpose of the study, a research can be conducted in two different ways - a qualitative or a quantitative way.
The quantitative research approach is focused on the transformation of the

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