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454 Chapter 10 Argument and Persuasion An Indian Father's Plea Medicine Grizzlybear lake 455 e. Might husbands also look for their mothers when they choose wives? What examples of motherly behavior do you find in this essay? READ MORE Feminist Issues Strategy and Style f. What technique(s) does Brady use to introduce her essay? Comment on the effectiveness. g. How does Brady conclude? Is her conclusion long enough for this essay? h. Ms. is a popular publication, in contrast to a scholarly journal. In light of this, describe Brady's style and explain why she uses the level of vocabulary and sentence structure she does. i. How would you describe Brady's tone? Does it change or evolve as we get nearer to her…show more content…
Write an essay in which you explain why marriage is right or wrong for you now or at any time. Or is Brady simply trying to expose the double standard applied to husbands and wives? Write an essay in which you argue that the double standard for husbands and Wives still exists, is disappearing, or has disappeared since Brady's essay was first published. b. Is Brady's view of the typical husband extreme? If you believe it is, write an essay rebutting her views or offering a more balanced view. If you believe Brady's view is accurate, write an essay supporting her opinion by citing examples of husbands you know or about which you have read. Bring in ideas from Deborah Tannen's "Talk in the Intimate Relationship" (chapter 6) to support or illustrate your ideas. c. Write an essay in which you expand upon the notes you made when responding to item b under Engaging the Text.
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