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Culture Relativism Culture Relativism is a contradictory theory for the explanation of the way we ought to live because the roots of the theory don’t give any explanation for what is right and wrong but instead only a means for right and wrong to be judged. By no fathom of the imagination can one contend that his or her own self ideas are correct there are certain bias that come with all judgments on the correct way to live, but if culture relativism stood true than it must be able to give some sort of universal truth. To produce a theory that says in its entirety the correct way to live depends on the culture you were brought up in and that is a truth contradicts itself. Culture relativists contend that this is a truth all…show more content…
Then a very thought-provoking rational was extended to the reasoning behind such cases, Eskimos are a very isolated and nomadic group the ability to survive in very harsh weather is the key to survival in this culture, therefore one must produce to support the family, the men in the family produce and the women take care of the family. If one grows elderly and is unable to produce or take care of the family the person is left outside to die. This natural population control is the key to being able to have enough supplies for the family to survive. Also the Eskimo birthrate is very high, because of the limitations on the culture to produce for itself it can not sustain a high birthright, moreover because of the distribution of sexes in families it is not uncommon for the female to be put to death at birth, while the male will be raised to hunt and support the family. It takes more males then females. It would be better to put one person to death than lose the whole family because there are not enough supplies to go around. A cultural relativist would contend that because of these stipulations it would be wrong to assume because the Eskimos are different
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