Culture, Rituals, And Routines

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Culture, Rituals, and Routines My family culture has been a big part of my life even through the changes my life has taken. Every year, my family celebrates Thanksgiving and Christmas. The locations and the faces may change, but the ritual of spending the holidays together remain a highlight of the year. Since living in Indiana, I have spent Thanksgiving with my father’s family in Spencer and have traveled back home to Delaware to be with my immediate family during Christmas. This has been a routine of mine for the past several years and it has allowed me to grow closer with family members I used to never see. Another ritual present in my family system involves birthday celebrations. Though not as important as Thanksgiving or Christmas, birthdays are taken seriously in my family system. When we have a family member with a birthday, the member is allowed to pick any restaurant they would like for dinner. The birthday person also has the option to see a movie or select a birthday gift. Lately, the birthday celebrations have had to be postponed because of work or school schedules getting in the way of plans.
Genogram Examination The closest relationship I have currently would be with my parents. Even though I made the conscious decision to move out of state for college seven years ago, they are my biggest supporters. I have never gone more than a week without talking to one of them and discussing what has happened in my life. When I was younger, they helped me with bills
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