Culture Shaping Leadership : The Business World

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Culture-Shaping Leadership The business world has expanded globally in the 21st century. With the development of the Internet, companies can expand into new markets in a fraction of the time previously necessary. With this new global frontier, organizations have found new challenges. Culture barriers present real obstacles for building cohesive organizational structure. In order to overcome this hurdle and take advantage of the cultural diversity, the leadership must find an effective model to accommodate this diversity while constructing a unified culture. By incorporating the most appropriate ethical leadership model, an organization’s leadership can honor the cultural diversity that is present while successfully shaping the organizational culture. Ethical Leadership Options Both the academic and the business world have invested much time and energy researching effective leadership. This work has produced several effective leadership theories that have provided impressive results in reaching organizational goals and setting ethical standards. Ethical leadership includes the demonstration of personal character traits, such as integrity, honesty, and altruism (Yidong, and Xinxin, 2013). These leaders must also demonstrate behavior that is consistent with their moral beliefs, values, and decision-making (Yidong, and Xinxin, 2013). Team members throughout the world universally embrace leaders who maintain high standards, and continually investigate ways of improvement (House,
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