Culture Shock And Cultural Adaptation

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Culture shock is generally describes the uneasiness, stress as well as anxiety an individual feels when they encounter an unfamiliar cultural background, as a result of loosing familiar cues along with meanings associated with behavior and communication. Culture shock is thus an experience that happens to a person in every sphere of life when they face different lifestyles and world perceptions whether with regards to education, health or jobs among others. While residents or natives may take for granted their familiar world, strangers find the situation new and as a result experience certain crisis. This situation requires the individual to adapt or adjust. This paper discusses culture shock and cultural adaption alongside its impact on…show more content…
The final stage involves the point at which the person becomes familiar with the other culture and is as well referred to as effective functioning stage or acculturation. This is aim or the proper state for a stranger in another culture since the values and beliefs of other culture are acknowledged as acceptable and valid.
Culture shock impact on the health of international students and other immigrants Health problems facing students can be a great hindrance to the acquisition of skills and knowledge. Particularly, doctors need to be aware of the psychosocial problems encountered by the students in order to give appropriate heath care. Physicians ought to understand that students from abroad face challenges coping with diet, climate and language of the host state . International students also face cultural peculiarities as well as racial discrimination that can result in grave psychosocial anguish. Contributing factors consist of financial difficulties, loneliness, ethnocentrism, mistrust, misunderstanding and academic inadequacy. The confusion and disorientation that can last for long periods as a result of challenges adapting to the host country’s culture, expose students to greater mental health risks ( ). This is further supported by the fact that immigrants, who are not necessarily international students, are more likely to suffer from mental problems than
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