Culture Shock And Its Effects On Society

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A huge quantity of students goes to learning abroad every year but what is the biggest challenge they cannot hide from? The tendency of living or studying abroad has been increasing the recent years in every culture or country. Millions of students have to face the overwhelming challenge of living thousands miles away home and adapting to their new environment without disregarding their studies. Sojourners have to face adapting to a new culture, so they will deal with the “Culture Shock”. This phenomenon affects every kind of travellers from tourists to immigrants, so international students are not the exception of this. Culture shock is defined as the process of adjustment to a new environment with its emotional, psychological, behavioural, cognitive and physiological effects (Pedersen, 1995, p. 1). Symptoms of culture shock are diverse and may affect individuals in variant degrees. Effects of psychological stress due to culture shock may lead international students to drop out their education. Some symptoms of depression caused by culture shock can conduct to a delay in the sociocultural adjustment. Consequently, thoughts of demotivation may accumulate in students when they have to face their new reality. A study affirms that international students who have high levels of stress and low levels of social support are likely to depressive symptoms and deficit in sociocultural adjustment (Jackson, Ray, & Bybell, 2013). The absence of family and close friends affects the
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