Culture Shock By Peter L. Berger

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Peter L. Berger once said, “The sociologist routinely experiences culture shock in his own home.” The definition of cultural shock is when someone finds himself or herself in an environment that’s unfamiliar and someone doesn’t really know how to act or do. It is out of the person’s comfort zone and to try to fit and feel included in society, once must first face the uncertainty of how the unknown culture acts like. When the sociologist looks closely at these things, he finds unexpected motives, outcomes, things that might have not been realized. Therefore, culture shock can occur frequently every day due to the fact that everywhere in the world, including America has distinguishable outcomes that belong to other cultures.
Examples that can best demonstrate a visitor who can occasionally get “shocked” are when the certain person notices around his own community of certain changes that are not of the norm. This could be from finding out that the neighbor has certain connections to a white supremacist group or knowing that the groups of friends support abortion. Although the American is living in his own country, there can still be cultural differences that one doesn’t notice at first. Thus, once this sociologist looks closer at these things, these differences, he uncovers unexpected outcomes than what he might have originally realized. So for the sociologist, he doesn’t know how to react to the newly acquired information.
When Berger talked about cultural shock within
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