Culture Shock

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Culture Shock Essay The United States of America is a country in which many people from all over the world come to live together. Unlike Canada, which is a multicultural country, it is a melting pot since each person brings his/her own peculiarity to enrich the culture of this country. But this melting pot process is not always without problems. When people from other countries come to America, they may experience some form of culture shock. Culture shock is a state of bewilderment, anxiety, disorientation, and distress as an individual is suddenly exposed to a social or cultural environment much different from his/her own. (Spradley, James) Culture shock happens frequently for international…show more content…
So Asian people are not hesitant to ask and tell their ages. Body contact can be another subject for misunderstanding. In America it's not uncommon to see people kissing and hugging in public places, that's something done frequently. Americans tend to show there affection through these types of things. In most Asian cultures they do not show public displays of affection, it is almost a disgraceful thing to do. The main reason most people experience culture shock in American society is because they are so used to practicing a particular culture as there basis of reality that it becomes strongly attached to their culture. This is called ethnocentrism, which is the practice of judging another culture by the standards of one's own culture. (Spradley, James) Ethnocentrism also generates misunderstanding and sometimes conflict. I agree that I am ethnocentric but I think ethnocentrism is difficult to avoid because culture is learned though enculturation rather than inborn. You can never know the values and norms of a particular society unless you're living there and trying to learn the culture. On the other hand, the idea of cultural relativism is the practice of judging a culture by its own standard. This means what is right or wrong is only determined by one's own society. So there are no standards to judge other societies and there is no universal morality. This idea may be very

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