Culture Shock : The United States Essay

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Culture Shock: Immigration to America
In 2010, as my sisters-in-law and their families prepared to immigrate to the United States (U.S.), my husband and I did all we can to advise and assist them in getting ready for their long journey from Nigeria to the U.S. To our surprise, contrary to every advice we gave them, in preparation for life in the US, they started out with trying American fast foods of different kinds. Culture shock is expected for anyone who immigrates to the US, regardless of where they come from. The type(s) of help the person(s) gets on how to overcome it and their adherence, most often, determines the future outcome of life in their new country of residence.
When we got to John Kennedy (JFK) international airport to pick them up, we were surprised at how fat they’ve gotten from the last time we saw them in Nigeria. Our main concern was, with the family of four boys, ages ranging from one to 10 years, and how long it will take them to adapt to things here. On inquiry, as to why they gained weight? We learned of them trying to discard the lifestyle and food they were used to in Nigeria, for the fast food in the US before they even started. Once they got here and discovered that Hollywood movies are mostly make belief, the culture shock set in because a lot of things they heard from others, who sugar-coated things to them and the movies, were completely out of reality here. Apparently, they did not adhere to what we tried to do to prepare them for their

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