Culture, Tradition, Traditions, And Traditions

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The literature review chapter will allow one to have a general insight about the implication of culture, traditions, and their cognation. The level of considering culture, identity and traditions when organizing private events; weddings and the role of modernization …….furthermore, the history of weddings and how marriage have changed over time in the Arabic society is identified. Finally, trends affecting marriages in Qatar are emphasized to provide a deeper understanding of the current marital situations and the reasons behind divorce.
At the present time, the idea of culture, traditions and their transparency with evolvement in time has come to fore. Different authors discuss separately these topics in relations to personal needs in a diverse way. However, the apparent gap of this literature review will be identified.
As these concepts are interrelated, this literature review will provide a conceptual framework, illustrating the chain thought behind this research, which assists in supporting the aim of this dissertation.

2.1. A Culture
Clarke (2008) elaborated in his book that recently writers are struggling to focus on exploring the common aspects of different culture and beliefs in relation to ethnicity, identities and the construction of their boundaries. There are several components which are supporting these unwanted boundaries. For instance, human’s behavior, their languages, beliefs religions and not to forget the society they are living in. Adding to that,…

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